Word from the Industry- An Update From BEAMA

BEAMA continues its fight against counterfeiters in many countries including China, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, Nigeria, East and West Africa and unbelievably Iraq. “Why Iraq and isn’t it dangerous?” I hear you ask.Well the why is easy, over 80% of the Iraq market is in counterfeit branded products and due to the reconstruction programmes the market there is enormous and largely based on British Standards. Our investigators are, of course, local and well used to operating in Iraq. Already, several dealers in fake products have been identified as well as links back to UAE and China and a relationship has been established with port authorities etc.
We are also aware of the threat of the distribution of counterfeits internationally via the internet. We now regularly review many internet trading sites such as Alibaba looking for pages which advertise for sale counterfeits of our members’ products. To date, we have identified over 400 sites on Alibaba alone and asked for the offending pages to be removed. So far over 90% of those identified have been taken down by Alibaba although other site owners are not so accommodating. We are looking at the possibility of taking some legal action in China against the non-cooperative website operators. Alibaba is now established with an office in the UK and we have contacted them regarding a meeting to discuss how we can work together to combat counterfeiting.
Our database of companies caught by us dealing in fakes has now reached almost 1000 companies in a number of countries. This database has been supplied to various authorities to help them to identify potential counterfeiters.

BEAMA has now established an anti-counterfeit operation in the UAE. This project, known as Electric Panda, has been in operation for six months and has already had several successes and more are expected. In one large raid we seized more products (over 200,000) than had been seized in over 6 years by the previous investigators working for a similar group of companies.

All our projects benefit from employing good local investigators managed effectively by our investigating company who use the database to ensure that all our activity worldwide is intelligence led and not just relying on local gossip and rumour. That is why if there is a counterfeit problem affecting our members’ products, even if the brand owners concerned are not in membership, we will deal with it. That is how we can say to counterfeiters anywhere in the world Watch Out, BEAMA’s About !!

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