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About Counterfeit Kills

Counterfeit Kills is a hub for information and guidance on the problems caused by counterfeit and non-compliant electrical installation products. It aims to raise awareness of the dangers of these products to help industry and consumers take action to drive hazardous and substandard products from the market.

The website is a joint initiative of Voltimum and BEAMA, and features contributions from other signatories of Electrical Industry Charter.

The news page will keep you up to date with the latest anti-counterfeiting activity and initiatives from industry and governments.

The photo gallery offers vivid examples of the dangerous counterfeit electrical goods made to appear genuine and sold around the world, as well as the poor conditions under which they are manufactured.

Blow the whistle invites you to confidentially inform us if you suspect or know of the sale or use of counterfeit or non-compliant electrical products in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The blog features insight, comment and guidance from experts across the industry, and allows you share your views by commenting on the articles.

An industry initiative driven by:


BEAMA is the trade association representing manufacturers of electrotechnical equipment, ranging from high voltage transmission and distribution equipment through to installed building services technologies. BEAMA hosts an Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group (ACWG), whose objective is to take action against producers of counterfeit electrical installation products, and the traders who distribute them to many international markets. This includes those in China, the Middle East and Africa, which form an important part of BEAMA members' export business. The ACWG has achieved global recognition for its proactive work and receives cooperation from trade associations around the world. For more information on BEAMA and the ACWG please click here.

Visit BEAMA's website at: http://beama.org.uk/en


Voltimum is the UK electrical industry portal providing a central source of information for all those active in or associated with the UK electrical installation industry. The portal is backed by leading manufacturers of electrical installation products and supported by important trade associations and industry bodies and electrical wholesalers. It contains vast databases of information which are free to view such as a technical product catalogue, news archive, directory of wholesale outlets, training courses, Technical articles and technical questions and answers. It keeps the electrical market abreast of legislative change, new product launches, major events and other news via its award-winning newsletters VoltiNEWS and VoltiBULLETIN which are distributed to about 70,000 electrical industry professionals. It frequently uses its newsletters and the portal to promote the work being done by the BEAMA ACWG and other organizations to fight against counterfeit and non-compliant electrical installation products.

Visit Voltimum UK's website at: http://www.voltimum.co.uk