Circuit Breakers Related

These pictures show the production and seizure of circuit breakers.

All made to look original - but what horrors hide inside the casing.jpgAn example of passing off by changing a brand name.jpgAnother potentially dangerous counterfeit made to look genuine.jpgCopied packaging, with copied certification marks.jpgCounterfeiters try hard to deceive - but this time the package of fake products was spotted and seized.jpgCounterfeits made to look genuine - from the outside.jpgEmbossed brand names are recommended as copies can be identified.jpgFake factory showroom - in order to avoid seizure, branding will be added later!.jpgOver 10,000 MCBs seized in a single raid.jpgReady for packing - a counterfeit 3 Phase Distribution Board.jpgSimple but distinctive branding means this illegally copied MCB can be seized by the authorities.jpg