Counterfeit Operations

Production of counterfeit goods often takes place in dirty cramped factories such as the ones shown below. Products can be seized before they have chance to do somebody a serious injury. Building relationships with law enforcement authorities helps to prevent the trade of counterfeit products, for example at large trade fairs.

A raid takes place at the Canton Trade fair.JPGAssembly line for fake distribution boards.jpgBuilding relationships with local law enforcement agencies.JPGBuilding trust and shared objectives with local law enforcement agencies.jpgCanton trade fair, very often the counterfeit brands are hidden under the counter !!.JPGCounterfeiters try hard to deceive - but this time the package of fake products was spotted and seized.jpgDo not let the facade deceive you, this is the work of criminals!.jpgIf it carries the counterfeit brand name - we also seize the tooling.JPGMains incoming and power distribution in raided factory.jpgMolds for MCBs - as it contains the brand name, it is seized and destroyed.jpgSeized materials are removed from the factory and sent for destruction.jpgSome modern equipment does exist through the proceeds of primarily illegal trading.jpgTesting of MCBs - Health & Safety, Ambient temperature control - you must be joking!!.jpgThe Law enforcers look on as the mold is removed and seized for destruction.jpgThe workers seem to think they are doing a great job!!.JPGThis packaging is a poor attempt at passing off as a well-known brand.jpgTrade Fairs - a showcase for counterfeit traders.JPGTypical Chinese counterfeit assembly shop.JPGTypical manual assembly - is that the kitchen table!.JPGWork in progress and parts stores.jpg