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These images demonstrate the dangerous counterfeit electrical installation products that are made to appear genuine and traded around the world and the extremely poor conditions under which they are manufactured . They also show the progress being made in restricting this trade through direct action at factories and how BEAMA is building relationships with local law enforcement authorities.

A raid takes place at the Canton Trade fair.gifAssembly line for fake distribution boards.gifCanton trade fair very often the counterfeit brands are hidden under the counter.gifFake factory showroom in order to avoid seizure branding will be added later.gifIf it carries the counterfeit brand name - we also seize the tooling.gifSeized materials are removed from the factory and sent for destruction.gifSome modern equipment does exist through the proceeds of primarily illegal trading.gifThe Law enforcers look on as the mold is removed and seized for destruction.gifThe workers think that they are doing a great job.gif